• Collecting Identities

    Collecting Identities

  • Entitlements Management

    Entitlements Management

  • Federating Identities

    Federating Identities

  • Identity Governance

    Identity Governance

  • Leveraging Identities

    Leveraging Identities

Welcome to Internet Commerce Australia

Internet Commerce Australia (ICA) is a specialist independent consulting group that advises government and private sector organisations on the harnessing of technology to implement effective identity and access management. Digital transformation for eGovernment, Reviewing and creating an Organisation’s Enterprise architecture to proactively facilitate changes in IT systems, processes, structure, information and data and business systems to take into account new emerging transformation Initiatives and Internet of Things (IoT) security.

Identity Management

Managing identities in an organisation saves money in administration staff and significantly reduces risk by removing staff who have left the organisation from company systems. Ideally HR should manage all identities in an organisation.

Access Control

Getting the permissions right for staff wanting to access company resources is the main objective of a good identity and access management environment. These days leveraging your identity management and access control infrastructure to support a high authorisation environment is easy to achieve.

Entitlements Management

The ultimate is deploying an authorisation environment to provide fine-grained access to your protected resources. This should externalise the access control decision to a central policy store managed by the responsible business managers in your organisation.

Digital Transformation for eGovernment 

Enterprise Architecture reviews to facilitate business change

Internet of Things (IOT) security reviews.

ICA has been in business since 1996 providing this independent strategic consulting to the Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia markets.
ICA consultants analyse business needs and processes to identify where improvements can best be achieved, where business benefits justify the costs, and recommend the appropriate technology solutions to deliver the identified benefits.