Enterprise architecture

Many organisations are realising that they are not optimising the return on their IT investment. This usually occurs because they have not taken a 'holistic view' of their requirements. Companies will typically acquire IT infrastructure to provide point solutions with a narrow focus. In some cases the technical architecture will be defined but little more.

Enterprise architecture and transformation for Digital Strategy and delivery to identify IT improvements and using architecture models and processes to facilitate changes in the  structure, business processes, information and data and business systems and infrastructure especially by deploying cloud transformative service delivery.

Key objectives are:

  • Refine current target architectures,
  • Define roadmaps and timescales for these architectures to ensure the most efficient use of technology and digital services
  • Support the creation of business domain roadmaps to guide the planning, selection, design and implementation of new technology
  • Advise clients by providing assurance services to ensure that new investments deliver on long term goals while delivering on short term business needs


ICA will ensure specific areas requiring attention will be identified and options for development will be documented and that a capital expenditure plan will be developed that indicates the likely timeframe for replacement of aging infrastructure can then be developed.