Griffith University

The Identity Management environment at Griffith University is mature and robust but there was a concern that it was not suitable to accommodate the organisation’s requirements in the future with the advent of cloud computing and virtualisation. The University was determined to undertake a review of the infrastructure and personnel in order to be in a position to exploit new technological opportunities.

The first step was to conduct an Environmental Scan to document the current situation and

understand the interaction of the various components that provided identity management

services to the University.

The next step was the development of the Roadmap document. This required extensive

consultation across the University to understand the organisation and to build support for the

various components of the Roadmap, particularly those that impacted operational departments and faculties.

Internet Commerce Australia – Corporate Profile – Identity & Access Management Consultancy.

The Roadmap highlighted not only the technical requirements of the target solution but the

personnel requirements as well, in order to avoid the situation in which the University was

vulnerable to loss of key personnel.

ICA subsequently assisted with the installation of an advanced federated authentication

infrastructure to accommodate the increasing trend to cloud-based applications..