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The concept of privacy is a largely Western construct.   In many regions, particularly in Asia, the concept of an individual’s privacy is not well understood.  Even within the Westernised countries, predominately Europe and North America, there is wide divergence between the level of individual privacy and the tolerance of its violation.

Maintaining the privacy and protection of the personal information of employees, contractors, business partners and customers is a real management issue for all organisations.  The increase in identity theft is also a concern for all organisations.  Laws and regulations increasingly place requirements on businesses for the protection of personal data.  A myriad of laws and regulations address privacy concerns and the collection, use, disclosure, and disposal of personally identifiable information.

This is particularly of a concern in Australia and the Australian Privacy Amendment Act commencing 12 March 2014.  Failure to prepare for the provisions of this act will result in an unplanned, knee-jerk reaction to a violation.  A better approach is to include privacy in your organisation’s identity management architecture.